Building Permits

A building permit is required before erecting, placing a new building or construction, as well as relocating, removing, demolishing, altering, repairing or replacing an existing building or structure. The building inspectors will ensure that the plans and the work conform to the development standards and to the National Building Code.


The Development Officer is responsible for enforcing the various acts and regulations that stipulate how land can be subdivided as well as its size, its intended use and its access. Some subdivision projects are more complex such as those which involve the creation of new streets.


The planning and zoning by-laws specify the uses permitted in each zone and prescribe standards for buildings and structures such as setback, size and height. However, particular conditions of certain properties may make it difficult to comply with a prescribed standard.


You may apply for rezoning by contacting the land use planner who will explain the process to follow. These procedures may vary according to a municipality or an unincorporated area. All rezoning requests involve a public consultation process announced by notices in newspapers.


Services rendered in respect to the provisions of the Community Planning Act are subject to the following fees. These fees are subsequently returned to the municipalities and LSDs.