Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of the mayor of each participating municipality and 4 representatives elected among the Chairpersons of the Local Service Districts (LSDs). In case of incapacity, a mayor may be replaced by the deputy mayor and a LSD Chairperson may be replaced by one of the four alternate representatives also appointed. The Chairperson and the vice-chair of the RSC are elected by the Board of Directors. The following individuals make up the Board of Directors of the Chaleur RSC.

Name Title Locality
Joseph Noel Chairman Village of Belledune
Jean Guy Grant Town of Beresford
Lee Stever Third Director City of Bathurst
Paul Robichaud LSD
Luc Desjardins Village of Petit-Rocher
Charles Doucet Vice-Chairman Village of Nigadoo
Normand Doiron Village of Pointe-Verte
Carole Caron LSD
Normand Plourde LSD
Donald Gauvin LSD