Regional Recreation Planning

The Regional Recreation Committee (RRC) was created on June 17, 2015, and stems from the provincial government’s 2014 program for investment in recreation planning through the RSCs. The RRC was mandated to advise the Board of Directors (BOD) of the RSC on any issues related to planning and developing recreational activities in the Chaleur region.

The role of the RRC was to oversee the development of the first regional recreation action plan.

The RRC was therefore mandated to:

(a) Specify the mandate of the study;

(b) Prepare terms of reference for hiring a consultant;

(c) Review proposals; and

(d) Recommend a consultant to the RSC.

Once it was up and running, the RRC was to supervise the ongoing study, advise the consultant as needed, review interim reports and perform a detailed analysis of the final report before being presented to the BOD with its recommendations.

Once the planning phase has been completed and the regional recreation plan has been adopted by the CRSC, the mandate, composition and structure of the RRC will be reassessed by the CRSC in light of the recommendations that have been formulated and retained.

The RRC could then be responsible for implementing and monitoring the regional recreation plan. The province has already announced that a second round of funding will be available to assist with the implementation of proposals that were retained during the planning phase. The RRC could also be involved as a consultant and coordinator with the various stakeholders in the region in matters of delivery of recreation services, regional actions and government interventions.

Final Report CCRL

Regional Recreation Plan