Batteries contain a number of metals as well as other compounds that may end up in the environment if they are not properly disposed of. In an effort to prevent toxic substances such as cadmium, mercury, lead and nickel from entering the environment, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission invites its citizens to deposit their batteries at one of the collection depots so that they can be sent on to a specialist contractor for recycling.

At the same time, our citizens can get rid of their compact fluorescent light bulbs (the spiral-shaped, energy-efficient ones) in the appropriate bin. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) contain mercury, a toxic heavy metal that can be dangerous to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, even at very low concentrations. Mercury can accumulate in living organisms, increasing toxicity levels in species such as large predatory fish as well as in birds and mammals that eat fish, including humans. (Environment Canada, 2010). Mercury can have an impact on ecosystems and their biodiversity, but also on human health.

You can drop off your batteries and your CFLs at the following locations:

You can drop off your wires and cables at the landfill or these locations:

CCNB Bathurst
725 College St
Bathurst, NB

Bottle Exchange Center
560 Evangeline Dr
Bathurst, NB

Chaleur Recycling LTD.
571, Industry St
Petit-Rocher, NB

Thank you to our partners!

If you have questions or comments, please write to or call 725.2402.