Eyeglasses and Clothes

We do not always know what to do with our old pairs of glasses and our worn and old-fashioned clothes. Here are some suggestions to consider before putting them in the trash.

Many optometric clinics take back used eyeglasses. The glasses recovered will be donated to a charity (eg. Lions Club) that will clean them, repair them and classify them before distributing them to people in need. Some of these glasses will be distributed in developing countries.

As for old clothes, here is what some citizens do with them:

  • Offer them to family members, friends or acquaintances;
  • Bring them to a thrift store, a clothing bank or put them in clothing recovery containers located to a few places in the city;
  • Sell them at a garage sale;
  • Create new clothes from old-fashioned clothes;
  • Make reusable shopping bags or gift wrappings;
  • Make cloths and rags from old clothes.

As a last resort, you can put them in the trash; we do not want them in the blue bin. If you put them in your blue bin, we will have to sort them before sending them to the technical landfill site. If you have questions or comments, you can write to info@CSRChaleurRSC.ca or phone to 725.2402 (888.820.5133).