Bulky Refuse

Bulky refuse, which some call « monsters », are large and heavy objects that can not be put in the garbage bin (eg: appliances, furniture, hot water tanks). Before sending them to elimination, namely at the landfill site, our citizens can:

  • Check if a family member, a friend or an acquaintance wants it;
  • If it is in good condition, give it to a community organization;
  • Contact a scrap metal dealer for metal objects.

If nobody wants it, to send it to the landfill site, the service offered varies from one locality to another:


Residents of the city of Bathurst can obtain a tipping fee waiver at City Hall (1 waiver / address / year). This waiver allows to bring, free of charge, at the Red Pine site 500 kg of waste on a single occasion. To get a waiver or if you have question, you can call the Bathurst City Hall at 548.0400.

Belledune, Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher, Pointe-Verte

For residents of these municipalities, you can look at your municipal collection calendar to know when bulky refuse will be picked up at the roadside. You can also contact your municipality for more information:

Belledune 522.3700
Beresford 542.2727
Nigadoo 542.2626
Petit-Rocher 542.2686
Pointe-Verte 542.2606

Local Service Districts (LSDs)

Citizens of the Chaleur region who live in an unincorporated locality, meaning outside the municipalities, can put one bulky object at the roadside every two weeks at the time of garbage collection, except for metal objects. Appliances and metal objets can be put on the roadside on two occasions during the year. These dates are indicated on the collection calendar. You can contact the Department of Environment and Local Government at 547.7443 if you wish more information.

Acceptable items on the roadside

Household appliances, funiture, mattresses, wood, branches and brush are all accepted as bulky refuse. Except for very large items, all refuse must be boxed, bagged or tied into packages no heavier than 50 pounds and/or no more than 4 feet long. Broken glass and pointed or sharp objects must be carefully packaged to prevent injuries.

Unacceptable items on the roadside

Construction debris, large trees, automobiles, snowmobiles, rocks, gravel, sand, manure, animal carcasses, gas tanks, propane tanks, tires, and hazardous waste will not be picked up during a collection of bulky refuse.

Keeping the roads clean

If you bring your refuse to the Red Pine solid waste management site in Allardville, please make sure that the load is properly secured and covered to help keep the roads free of garbage.

If you have questions or comments, you can write to info@CSRChaleurRSC.ca or call at 725.2402 (888.820.5133).