Managing our compostable materials at home

Compostable materials, which some call putrescible materials, are organic materials from plants or animals that rot and decompose. They include leaves, branches, grass clippings, as well as leftovers from the kitchen, fruits and vegetables peelings, and even soiled paper napkins.

About 40 % of all our waste can be composted at home. For a household that recovers its recyclables but has not yet begun to compost its organic materials, they represent close to 60 % of the content of the trash. If you were surprised by the weight lost of garbage when you started to recycle… imagine when you will start to compost your organic waste!

Besides being good for our environment, to compost organic waste is good for our community’s wallet. Indeed, organic waste composted at home does not have to be transported by truck and landfilled, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while generating cost savings. To make composting even easier for our citizens, we started to distribute the “Green Cone” digester in 2013.

For some, it is scary to hear about composting or compost. There is nothing to be afraid of! When done right, by following a few simple rules, there is no odor. To learn how to do, we invite you to attend a workshop on composting, offered free of charge by the Chaleur Regional Service Commission. During these events, we present the basics of composting besides giving a few tips to ensure that your composting experience is simple, effective and enjoyable.

Furthermore, at the end of the workshop, you can win a composter or a digester that we will give away as a door prize, or you can buy one at half price. If you have questions or comments, you can write to or phone at 725.2402 (888.820.5133).