Public Meeting of May 17, 2023: Highlights

Petit-Rocher, May 18, 2023 - The Chaleur Regional Service Commission (CSRC) held its regular public meeting on Wednesday, May 17. Here is a summary of the key points that were discussed:

Tourism data

The Regional Services Commission had the privilege of hosting Mr. Marc Leblanc, leisure, sports, and tourism management professor at the Université de Moncton. As part of his presentation, Mr. Leblanc shared data on the tourism industry in the Chaleur region for the year 2022, based on a comprehensive study conducted with 3,752 individuals.

According to the results of this study, 437 of the individuals who visited the region in 2022 were nonlocal tourists. It is worth noting that most of them came from Quebec, accounting for 50.9% of this number. Ontario ranked second with 10.1%.

Mr. Leblanc also estimated that the total amount of tourist spending in the region for 2022 was approximately $3.6 million. According to Ms. Jocelyne Hachey, CEO of the CRSC, "These data highlight the importance of promoting the development of the tourism industry in the region to ensure its sustainability and future growth."

Financial Status

The CRSC also welcomed Mr. Rémi Boudreau, an accountant from the firm Allen, Paquet & Arseneau. In his speech, Mr. Boudreau stated that the CRSC's financial situation was good and that the audit conducted had revealed no inaccuracies in the figures provided by the CRSC. Mr. Boudreau also expressed positive remarks about a $700,000 decrease in the CRSC's debt for the year 2021, which now stands at just over three million dollars.

Chaleur Eating Fresh

Due to the resounding success of the "Chaleur Eat Fresh" initiative by the CRSC, the organization's Community Development Service received a $43,000 grant from the federal government for ongoing development purposes. "Initially, we had set the goal of selling 100 bags per month for the project to be successful. Today, we are delighted to announce that we distribute over 550 bags monthly through 'Chaleur Eat Fresh,' resulting in $11,000 of saving for all our members," said Jennifer Pitre, Manager of the Community Development Service at the CRSC." This additional funding will allow us to expand our service on a larger scale, thus benefiting a greater number of citizens."


Information: Thomas Lizotte, Director of Communications for the CSRC, 506 544-5009