Public Meeting of the CRSC: Improving regional coherence and accessibility to breakfasts

Petit-Rocher, April 20, 2023 - During its public meeting on April 19th, the Chaleur Regional Service Commission (CRSC) discussed upcoming projects and initiatives in the region, including the implementation of a Regional Development Plan and the distribution of free breakfasts in northeast schools.

Regional Development Plan

According to Véronique Proulx, Director of Urban Planning for the CRSC, a Regional Development Plan would significantly improve coherence between municipalities and greatly facilitate the implementation of various regional projects. "This project would ease current drafting processes and generate better intermunicipal agreements," explained Ms. Proulx. "It would allow us to paint a realistic picture of the territory and set goals to be achieved collectively. Urban planning decisions would also be much faster, smoother, and more efficient," she added, declaring that it is also an opportunity to be pioneers and an example to follow for other regions in the province.

Free School Breakfasts

The CRSC also proposed to seek government assistance in establishing a program to offer free breakfasts to all northeast schools. A 2018-2019 study showed that a total of 1,766 children in the Chaleur region do not have access to breakfast every morning. ” We believe that this number is unacceptable and that all children in our communities should be able to have something to eat before going to class," said Jennifer Pitre, Manager of Community Development for the CRSC. An opinion that was highly supported and shared by all board members.

A resolution requesting the government to fund the distribution of breakfasts for schools in the northern province was subsequently approved. "The Province already funds 110 schools in a similar project for the south of New Brunswick. We would like to see territorial equity to offer the children of the Chaleur region a good morning meal, thus increasing their concentration and learning opportunities," she concluded.

The CRSC board's public meetings take place every third Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is scheduled on May 17, 2023.

Information: Thomas Lizotte, Director of Communications for the CSRC, 506 544-5009,