Compostable materials, which some call putrescible materials, are organic materials from plants or animals that rot and decompose. They include leaves, branches, grass clippings, as well as leftovers from the kitchen, fruits and vegetables peelings, and even soiled paper napkins.

Bulky Refuse

Bulky refuse, which some call « monsters », are large and heavy objects that can not be put in the garbage bin (eg: appliances, furniture, hot water tanks). Before sending them to elimination, namely at the landfill site.

Green Cone

The « Green Cone » digester » enables to compost all food waste from home, including meat, fish and dairy products, and this without any smell. Digestion represents the easiest composting technique that is. In fact, with the Green Cone, you just have to open the lid, deposit your food waste, before closing the the cover… that it !